Layerswap Integration Guide

To integrate Layerswap in your wallet or app, direct users to Layerswap and customize the initial values by using query parameters.

Example: Loopring & FTX.COM.

  • sourceExchangeName - Pre-select the source exchange. Avilable values are: binance, coinbase, ftxcom, ftxus, huobi, okex, kucoin, bitfinex, bittrex, cryptocom and kraken.

  • destNetwork - Pre-select the destination network(L2, sidechain etc.). Avilable values are at the bottom of the page.

  • lockAddress = true - To lock the provided address, to not allow user to change it.

  • lockNetwork = true - To lock the provided network.

  • asset - To pre-select the asset. NOTE: aviable assets depend on the selected network, for example, the asset LRC is only aviable in LOOPRING network. Avilable values are: ETH, USDC, USDT and LRC.

  • Full template.

Centralized exchange or L2/side-chain integration

If you want Layerswap to integrate your exchange or L2 you can reach out to Prerequisites for exchange integration are the availability of (free and instant) internal transactions and APIs to fetch deposit/withdrawal history. For L2 integrations, only the ability to transfer between accounts.

Wallet Integration Source

If you're integrating Layerswap to your wallet, and want your users to see where their address is coming from, you can reach out to and provide the assets and information shown to the user.

Argent imToken TokenPocket

Available values for the destNetwork parameter

| Network Name | Query Type | | ----------------- | -----------------: | | Loopring | LOOPRING_MAINNET | | Zksync | ZKSYNC_MAINNET | | Arbitrum | ARBITRUM_MAINNET | | Ronin | RONIN_MAINNET | | Boba | BOBA_MAINNET | | Optimism | OPTIMISM_MAINNET | | Immutable X | IMMUTABLEX_MAINNET | | StarkNet | STARKNET_MAINNET |